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when it comes to all your painting and decorating needs it is important to get a fully licensed and insured painter and decorator on board like us

BLD LIC 290534
Adam Wales

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Common Questions

Do you require a deposit or payment up front?

Normally we don’t ask for a deposit or payment upfront but if you are asked for money upfront make sure it falls within the consumer business laws and pay no more than 10%.

How do I know I'm hiring a licensed and insured painter and decorator?

Make sure you check your tradesperson is licensed and insured for the work they are being asked to do. You can do a quick check on the consumer businesses services website and also ask for a copy of their public liability insurance certificate.

Our building license number is 290534

Where will you start? What time will you be here? And how will the project be undertaken?

A professional painter and decorator will have the knowledge and a system they use for every type of job.
You can ask us how we will do the work from start to finish so you are on the same page as us.

Will you use a good quality washable materials?

We strive to keep up with the new technology our industry offers to make all of our materials more durable and environmentaly friendly. This is why we only use the leading brands and their ultra premium finishes.